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The Savage Sword of Cocon

Posted: Fri May 03, 2024 12:58 pm
by ericomont
Hello chaps.

This past 20 days I was busy cooking up my very first ugBasic game.
It is a sort of Barbarian sword fight game with elements from Prince of Persia, Samurai Shodown and Moonstone.

It currently runs on the TRS-80 Color Computer using semigraphics (text mode), needs disk and joystick.
There is a one player game mode, against 5 enemies through different locations (and an AMAZING ending!).
A two player vs mode, and an AI automatic battle mode, where you set RPG stats for each player and watch them go.

Here is a trailer:

It is currently donation ware so I can fund COCO joysticks but will be free and open source in about a month time, when I hope to make a proper forum post explaining the code and how it got made. Zx Spectrum and MSX versions are stuff I will also try to look at.