Wishlist of new commands/functions

This forum is dedicated to those who wish to suggest new features.
Questo forum è dedicato a chi desidera suggerire nuove feature.
Ce forum est dédié à ceux qui souhaitent suggérer de nouvelles fonctionnalités.
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Wishlist of new commands/functions

Post by Ale »

I would like the ugbasic had these commands (list to be updated)

fade(from_color, to_color,effect);
# from color can be back, white, purple, red an so on
# to_color can be back, white, purple, red an so on
# effect how the fade is done with circle, square, pixelbypixel

fade(-1,to_black,-1) #fade the screen from actual color to black
fade(to_black,to_red,square) #fade the screen from red color to black

#create 2 (or more) parallax levels
# background 1
# background 2
# speed background 1
# speed background 2
# posx1,posy1 background 1
# posx2,posy2 background 2
# sp1 speed of background
# sp2 speed of background

fill (ok you have just implemented!) ^_^

Don't hate me!
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